Man arrested with AK-47 style rifle outside Nissan Stadium released on bond

Terron London (Courtesy: Metro-Nashville Police Department)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The 22-year old arrested for running from police carrying an AK-47 style assault rifle outside the Tennessee State University homecoming game is out of jail.

Shots were fired, but police said they came from a different gun.

News 2 has been doing some digging into the background of Terron London.

London is no stranger to police.

He has several drug convictions, weapon charges and a domestic charge, but a couple of years ago he tried get his life back on the right track.

4:13 Strong is a program which helps turn the lives of young men around, and London was part of it until he was kicked out after failing a drug test.

“The drug test was definitely a major part of the reason in him leaving our program,” 4:13 Strong Executive Director Eric Evans said.

London was arrested Saturday with an AK-47 style assault rifle after shots rang out in the parking lot of Nissan Stadium during the TSU – Austin Peay football game.

“When a guy feels like he [has] to have an AK-47, that says to me that he’s living a lifestyle that he doesn’t trust nobody,” Evans said.

Evans continued, “He doesn’t trust nobody or no one, that he’s really out trying to protect himself. It was tough, you know, he’s a guy that you know, I thought had every opportunity in the world to be somewhat successful and to see him do something like that is pretty sad.”

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry weighed in on a weekend of violence surrounding the TSU homecoming parade and outside the game.

“Our goal is to make sure people [are] safe. Thankfully nobody was hurt,” said Barry. “I don’t think we tar TSU with anything except the great parade we saw and the game.”

She said it’s disheartening to hear London was carrying an AK-47 at a family-friendly event.

“Anytime you have people who are armed in public places that are potentially going to create mayhem it’s a cause for concern,” the mayor said.

Metro police Chief Steve Anderson said thanks to quick thinking officers, an arrest was made in the stadium incident.

“It’s very, very concerning,” Anderson said. “It’s very, very disheartening that in fact one of our young people in this community needs to resort to violent to settle some score.”

Even with the serious charges against him, London’s bond was set at $6,000.

He paid $600 and was back out on the street a little more than an hour after being locked up.

Evans said he believes London can still change his life around.

“I’m willing to try and do whatever I can to try and save him, you know,” Evans said. “I know he made a major mistake I recognize that, but I think he’s worth saving.”

News 2 has learned Hermitage Precinct detectives want to question London about another crime, but police would not say which crime.