What the Tech? Combating porch package theft

(Graphic: What the Tech)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – We want the convenience of shopping at home. Well, it’s convenient for bad guys too. Home security footage shows people everywhere getting caught red handed.

A survey shows that 31% of American shoppers have had a package stolen after it was delivered to their door.

What’s the answer? It might be your car.

Amazon is reportedly working with a license plate frame company to make home deliveries secure.

Shoppers would install this license plate frame called the “Phrame.” A key is kept inside.

The shopper could give a delivery person access to the frame’s lock from an app on their smartphone. They’d put the item in the trunk, and re-lock it.

Amazon tested a similar system a few years ago.

Phrame’s promotional video shows a delivery of an Amazon package.

Online retailers are trying to solve the problem and give shoppers more confidence that they’ll receive what they order.

WalMart is working on a plan that would allow delivery drivers to go inside the home through a ‘smart lock.’ They could walk in and put the items inside.

While that’s pretty questionable, the trunk idea seems brilliant! If it actually happens.