Experts: Twitter war could bite Republicans down the road

Senator Bob Corker (Left), President Donald Trump (Right), (AP Photo)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – In a series of tweets, retiring Tennessee Senator Bob Corker became the target of President Donald Trump.

“Bob Corker is a relatively mild manner person and politician,” explained CounterPoint Messaging President John Rowley.

Early Sunday morning, Trump tweeted that Corker begged for his endorsement and wanted a spot in his cabinet but Trump said no.

“You have politicians, especially center right to right, who don’t want to do anything to get tweeted about essentially,” said Rowley.

Rowley said the divide puts all Americans on edge not just Republicans.

“Donald Trump may be the best person in the history of mankind at getting news but he’s not getting anything done,” Rowley told News 2.

More than an hour later, Corker responded with a tweet of his own. Corker called the White House an adult day care and said someone missed their shift.

“Bob Corker’s response really kind of revealed what was there all along that he doesn’t have respect for Trump,” said Steve Gill.

Gill, a conservative political strategist, expects more lawmakers, who are leaving office, to not hold anything back.

“When you are looking at a guy like Corker who is already hitting the exit ramp, there’s no reason for him to hold back,” Gill said.

Arguments within the Republican party are becoming more common.

“Right now for Republicans, they are on Trump’s side, not on Bob Corker’s side,” explained Gill.

Gill said even though Corker is retiring, his push back against Trump may hurt other Tennessee republicans down the road.

“For folks running for governor or senate or congress, do they want the Corker endorsement when he is so anti-Trump?” said Gill.

Some experts say, like he has done since taking office, President Trump is continuing to use 140 characters to create chaos in Washington.

“It is a lot more of an impulse problem than a strategy,” said Rowley.

“These tweets have always bounced back in his favor thus far,” explained Gill.

Later on Sunday, President Trump tweeted that Corker did give us the Iran deal but now we need people that can make health care and tax reform happen.

That is why this war of tweets could come back to bite the president.