What the Tech? MoviePass App

(Graphic: What the Tech)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) –  It sounds too good to be true. Download an app, get a card and you can walk in a theater every day and watch a movie for free.

I had my doubts about MoviePass, and thought I should check it out.

It took about 3 weeks to get my MoviePass card in the mail. The instructions said I should take the card and my phone to a theater.

You have to be at least 100 yards from the theater for it to work. Open the app, find the movie you want to see and check in.

Then, go get your ticket and pay for it with the check card. MoviePass adds money to the check card to pay for the ticket.

I purchased 2 tickets and used the card to pay for one of them. “This card took off 10 dollars so your total is…”

No hassle. It works just like any other credit, cash or debit card. “It worked! I’m seeing this movie for free”.

The next day, I used it at another theater for a different movie.

Checked in outside, used the card to pay for it, and it worked again…saving another 10 bucks.

Then, on Sunday I tried using the card again. “I’d like to get one for Mother. Okay”

3 movies in 3 days. MoviePass says I can use it for one movie a day for the whole month.

I found since the tickets were free, I was more likely to buy popcorn and a drink which is where the theaters make most of their money.

I found it was easier to walk out of a bad movie like “Mother” since I didn’t shell out 12 dollars to see it.

There are doubts as to how long MoviePass can stay in business if they’re paying for all those tickets and getting only 10 dollars a month from subscribers.

For now though, it works and it’s a great deal for movie lovers.