Coach Mularkey offers support to player who didn’t participate in anthem

(AP Photo)

HOUSTON, Tex. (WKRN) – Tennessee Titans wide reciever Rishard Matthews did not particpate in the anthem in Sunday’s game in Houston.

Matthews was the only player the stay in the locker room for the anthem. He ran onto the field after the anthem.

Head coach Mike Mularkey said he was aware of the plan ahead of the game and was frustrated with media about the anthem coverage.

“Yes, I support him fully. That was just what he wanted to do. Can we talk about what we did? We did stand shoulder to shoulder like we’ve done every game since I’ve been the head coach here. Standing side by side, feet at 10 and 2. Respecting the flag, respecting the country, respecting everything. Can we talk about what we’ve been doing?”, said Mularkey.

Mularkey went on to say that last week’s protest was not about the flag or the anthem.

“It was about a comment from Washington. Talk about something good about these guys. Take a picture. Interview somebody that likes what we do. Why that never comes out is beyond me. Why–every single game these guys have stood with respect, and not one of you have ever reported on it. It ain’t that hard to be positive once in awhile,” Mularkey stated.

Matthews stated that he would not participate in the anthem until President Trump issues an apology for his comments.

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