Downtown Murfreesboro housing market continues to boom

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – We’ve seen it all over Nashville, old homes stripped down, and then rebuilt.

In downtown Murfreesboro, it’s much of the same and in the last five years, realtors have seen a drastic change.

It’s the sound of progress echoing, workers using skill saws and hammers; houses are being gutted and renovated.

Real estate agent Justin Holder traded in the suburban life for city life.

“We moved from 4,000 square feet down to about a little over 2,200 and it has been everything we hoped it would be,” Holder said.

Downtown Murfreesboro is becoming the desirable place to live.

“Buyers love that lifestyle of being downtown,” Holder said.  “They are able to walk to church, they are able to walk to the grocery store, and we live four houses down from school, so really that old school lifestyle.”

And the home prices prove it.

“That’s what’s funny. About five years ago we could not give away property in downtown and over the last couple of years we’ve seen more buyers wanting that lifestyle downtown,” Holder said.

If the housing boom in downtown continues on its current pace, it could easily become like the 12th South of Nashville.

“That’s going to be the city’s next big focus is converting Murfreesboro into a walking city.  For the last few years the city has focused on the Gateway project and really that being the entrance into the city,” Holder said.

Other old homes are being torn down, lots are being cleared, and new homes or in this case two new townhomes are expected to be built on this lot.

“Downtown Murfreesboro is now bringing more per square foot than almost anywhere in the county including a lot of new construction,” Holder said.

Holder said homes in downtown are going for about $162 a square foot.

Doing the math, a 2,200 square foot home in rough condition could cost more than $356,000.

Some buyers have gotten into bidding wars and some of those homes have sold for $400,000.