Car thefts continue to be a rising trend in Nashville

(Courtesy: Trey Harris)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Car thefts are up exponentially this year, 77 percent across Davidson County with more than 18-hundred stolen.

Trey Harris became a victim of the high-rising statistic Tuesday.

“My car had been stolen out of our driveway, where I’ve felt very very safe,” he told News 2.

Harris lives just off Post Road, in the typically quiet area of West Nashville near Belle Meade.

“I woke up Tuesday morning, I was coming out to my car to head to work and my car was missing.”

The thieves found the spare keys to his Mercedes locked in a glove compartment of his other car.

“They broke the glove compartment of that car and then realized they had the keys to the Mercedes and stole it,” Harris explained.

Wednesday, instead of searching for his car Harris has been searching for solutions and alerting the community.

“Warning other people, telling them you know be sure to lock up your car, you know be sure to be mindful if you have your purse in your car, your laptop, you know don’t leave it out, you know
bring it inside, bring your stuff inside, lock your car,” he said.

In talking to business owners and residents in West Nashville, Harris was surprised to find multiple victims from car break- ins to thefts.

“Everyone that I talked to. It’s unbelievable. I mean every single person that I talked to had a story.”

Harris says it’s a shame that Nashville is changing with crime being a concern and hopes the community can help put an end to it.

“We need to get involved with the community watch, we need to alert our precincts to have extra patrol in the area at night time and people be mindful.”

There have been 172 cars stolen this year in the West precinct, a 73 percent increase over last year. The Madison area has seen the most significant increase at 115 percent.

Metro police say more than half the cars stolen across the county last were taken with keys.