Close to 100 rescue dogs, cats from Florida arrive in Lebanon

(WKRN Photo)

LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) – To make room for animals abandoned by their owners, caught in flood waters or stranded on roof-tops, Animal Rescue Corps in Lebanon is clearing out shelters in two Florida Counties and bringing them to Middle Tennessee.

Dozens of pre-hurricane animals including dogs, cats and two ferrets are now being cared for in Lebanon.

These animals were either strays or surrendered by their owners prior to Hurricane Irma ever hitting Florida.

It was a 14-hour road-trip.

“They’ve been on the road from Florida,” said volunteer Keely Herring. “Take it and go directly inside.”

So you can imagine how timid, and afraid these animals are, coming into unfamiliar territory.

“They’re going to need a little time to decompress and adjust and they will,” Herring said. “As you can see our facility is wonderful. “

One by one, nearly 100 animals, mostly dogs, were brought to the Animal Rescue Corps building in Lebanon.

“We want to provide for them a new life, we end the suffering the day we go, the suffering stops,” Herring said.

These shelter animals are getting a new temporary home.

Animal Rescue Corps has a network of volunteers across the country helping in times like these.

“We don’t want any shelter to be overloaded,” Herring said. “We don’t want any animals to be put to death because they need space. We are there to come in clear their shelters for them so they can then help the animals that are found in flood water or found on roof-tops so they can stay in the area so ultimately their families will be able to find them.”

There are still 15 Hurricane Harvey dogs left, but not for long.

“Our Harvey dogs are just now leaving and making their way across the country to our placement partners who ultimately will adopt them into new homes,” Herring said.

These dogs and cats will eventually have to make another road-trip where they will be up for adoption and find a permanent home.

“We want the best for the animals,” Herring said. “We want the best for the communities hit hard by these Hurricanes.”

This was just the first round of rescue animals from the hurricane that ravished Florida.

Animal Rescue Corps still has boots on the ground clearing out over-crowded shelters. Another load is expected to arrive in Lebanon this weekend.

All the animals will be fully vetted before being shipped out to several approved partnering agencies across the country.

Animal Rescue Corps is in need of volunteers, donations and supplies.  Click here for more information