‘Demand is out there’: Experienced Nashville realtor shares secrets on housing market

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Over nearly two decades, Cindy Stanton has made a name for herself in Nashville’s real estate game, becoming one of the most recognizable faces.

Her office walls at Parks at Home in Cool Springs are decorated with countless awards and her face graces the cover of magazines.

“Every day can be very different,” Stanton described to News 2. “Every customer is a little different. Every house is a little different.”

Most of Stanton’s business as a broker is in Davidson County or the surrounding counties.

She and her team of three tour a number of homes in the area daily, as they search for the perfect place for a client.

“That team and I, we will close a little over 100 sales this year,” Stanton said.

Cindy Stanton (Photo: WKRN)

According to Stanton, her career began when she was in the market for a home. She was a married woman with a child, when she chose to educate herself on the buying process and wound up getting her real estate license.

Nearly 20 years later, Greater Nashville Realtors awarded Stanton the 2016 Realtor Of The Year.

For her success, Stanton credits her personal connection with her clients.

“I have customers that I worked with 18 years ago, that still send referrals to me, that I still work with,” Stanton said.

As for the Nashville market, Stanton said just about all zip codes are experiencing growth.

“All over Nashville I’ve seen so much growth. In all different price points, and all different neighborhoods. I think the demand is out there, everywhere,” Stanton said. “There’s such great demand and such a need for listings that I think that’s gonna keep prices and the market very stable and strong.”

With advances in technology, Stanton said she can now sell a house to someone out of state using just a few pictures.

“Every now and then, a buyer may decide to present an offer on a property without having seen it if the timing is such that they just can’t physically get there and take a look,” Stanton said.

“I am so blessed that I can say almost 20 years later I love this business as much or more than I did in the beginning,” Stanton said. “I’m gonna be in it a long time. This is it for me. One career, this will do it.”

For more information on Stanton, you can visit her website.