Murfreesboro woman stabbed 27 times testifies against husband

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MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – She was stabbed 27 times, begged for her life, and thought she was going to die, all allegedly at the hands of her husband.

On Monday afternoon, Sada Kelly faced him in court at his preliminary hearing. She is now blind in one eye after being stabbed twice there, and because of her scars, she asked that News 2 not show her face.

Kelly testified against her husband, Jeremy Kelly.

He’s accused of repeatedly stabbing his wife with a steak knife more than two dozen times.

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“I remember thinking, ‘Like oh my God. He’s not going to stop,’ I was wondering how I am going to die,” Sada Kelly said. “Here I am, 31-years-old and my husband is going to kill me.”

The couple’s 11-year marriage had been rocky at times and they moved to Murfreesboro from California to get a fresh start.

Both, at some point wanted to separate, accusing each other of cheating.

“I believe he was angry because I was talking about leaving him,” the wife said. “He didn’t want that because he thought I was trying to be with someone else.”

In June the married couple was on their way home when words were exchanged.

At home during dinner things allegedly took a violent turn.

“He flinched at me and when he flinched at me he didn’t do anything and I told him, ‘Don’t ever flinch at me like that again. Have you lost your mind? Don’t put your hands on me’ and the stabbing started,” she said.

She begged for her life after being stabbed twice in the head, twice in the eye and dozens more times all over her body.

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“I begged him to stop and I told him that I love him and I’ll stay and he then stopped,” she said.

Jeremy Kelly allegedly left his wife in a pool of blood with the steak knife still in her leg and fled to Antioch.

He was arrested three days later in Illinois.

Prosecutors said this case serves as a lesson to other domestic violence victims to come forward.

“She was terribly abused, she suffered permanent injuries and she showed courage to come forward and say I’m not going to take this, I’m going to make someone who did this be held accountable,” Rutherford County Assistant DA J. Paul Newman said.

Judge Barry Tidwell called the stabbing attack atrocious.

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He found enough evidence to bind the case over to the next Rutherford County Grand Jury that could formerly indict Kelly on the charges.

Kelly was currently being held in jail on a $50,000 bond.

The state filed a motion asking for the bond to be increased.

Since Kelly is a convicted felon, the judge took that and other things into consideration and he agreed to increase bond to $125,000.

Sada Kelly’s family has established a GoFundMe account to assist with her medical expenses.