What the Tech: Helping Houston is just a click away

(Graphic: What the Tech)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – This is unprecedented.

Imagine getting a shopping list of essential items from an organization around Houston and purchasing that item and have it delivered to their door.

Amazon Wish Lists allow anyone or any group to tell others what they want or need.

Amazon has added the wish list from the Red Cross on its homepage.

What’s needed in the relief efforts: painter’s tape to hang signs at temporary shelters. They need shovels and rakes, iphone chargers, first aid kits, and items for young children like pillows and playpens.

Add one or more items to your cart, pay for it and Amazon will deliver it to the Red Cross.

It keeps volunteers from having to go out and find those items in stores.

You can also search for lists of items needed by other agencies.

Search for SPCA Houston,Texas for example and you’ll see they need dog beds and dog crates.

Amazon Smile is another way you can help. Rather than shopping at Amazon.com, shop at smile.amazon.com.

You can select a charity you’d like to support and anytime you purchase something for yourself, Amazon will donate .5 percent of the price to your favorite charity.

It adds up, Amazon says purchases through Amazon smile have raised over 54 million dollars.

Prices are the same at smile.amazon.com and it offers the same deals. Everything is the same, except Amazon’s donation to the charity.

It’s never been easier to help an organization.