Madison residents put spin on traditional neighborhood watch

(Photo: WKRN)

MADISON, Tenn. (WKRN) – Home to about 38,000 people, the population of Nashville’s Madison neighborhood continues to grow.

“There’s more people coming in than going out these days,” longtime resident Tiffany Dabney said. “It’s borderline getting crowded.”

The population growth has led to a spike in certain types of crime. Robberies and car thefts are up within the Madison precinct for Metro police, which does include the area west of the Madison neighborhood.

“I would like for Madison to be the place that people remember it as when they were growing up,” Dabney said. “We want to make everybody more aware. We want everybody to be safer.”

To help combat crime, Dabney and a few other neighbors chose to put a modern spin on the traditional neighborhood watch.

Madison Tennessee Neighborhood Watch was launched about nine months ago. The Facebook group, formed from an already existing page, aimed at serving as an extra set of eyes for the neighborhood.

“People are able to post live from wherever they’re sitting. It doesn’t matter if they’re at Kroger or Walgreens or at home, and say, ‘Hey this just happened right now, at this location,'” Dabney explained. “A lot of people post their own personal home security footage of what’s going on and people are able to identify, ‘Oh, that looks like my neighbor,’ or ‘that looks like someone else in the neighborhood,’ or ‘I’ve seen him before.'”

Up to more than 2,000 members, the group has grown faster than its administrators ever could have imagined.

“It’s pretty good to know that there’s more people watching and that everyone is paying attention,” Dabney said.

With some crimes like burglaries and drug arrests down for the year in Madison, Dabney believes her Facebook group is already serving its purpose. But she calls it “a work in progress.”

“We’re not done yet,” Dabney said. “We’re gonna continue the way that we’ve been working and see if we can make more people aware and help fight back.”

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