Texas man carries daughters out of flooding home to escape rising water

(Photo: WKRN)

KEMAH, Texas (WKRN) – A walk through Brandon Williams’ home in Kemah, Texas, shows just how high the water was during the heavy downpours from Hurricane Harvey.

“We were just watching the water getting higher and higher, and never imagined it would get into the house,” said Williams.

He continued, “At about three in the morning it started coming into the house and I just had to grab the girls one at a time and I had to go through waist deep water and it was still thundering and lightning.”

Williams took his family to a two-story home next door to escape the rising water. With the water rising, many people were left trapped or had to wade through the water to get to safety.

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“We couldn’t get out of the neighborhood because it was waist deep water,” said Williams. “Waist to chest deep water on some of the roads, so we put them on tubes, grabbed a bag of clothes and put the kids on one tube, put clothes on another and we had to wade them through the streets of the neighborhood until we got outside the neighborhood and I had to walk them down a ways until someone was able to pick them up.”

With the water receding in his neighborhood, the next step is cleaning up, but there is also the fear that more rain could bring more flooding.

“It is still raining so there is no telling if this is it or if there is more to come,” said Williams.

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