Red Cross: Training for Texas aid full, but local volunteers still needed

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The American Red Cross says more than 17,000 evacuees are currently at shelters in Texas.

Tuesday afternoon, local Red Cross workers set up for a training program where they will teach more than 100 new volunteers important information to help people effected by Hurricane Harvey.

At the training, they will learn what they might face at shelters in Texas.

“This part right here is the initial when they are headed out, the things they are going to have to have. Like an ID, 14 days of clothes, some snacks,” explained trainer Mary Lockett.

Lockett knows what the volunteers might face. She most recently served at a shelter in Florida during Hurricane Matthew and will also deploy to Texas or Louisiana along with the new volunteers she trains.

“The hardest part is knowing that someone is out there who doesn’t have a home, does not know where their family member is at, that is truly the hard part for me,” said Lockett.

The interest from Middle Tennesseans to volunteer is so great, that the next two training sessions are fully booked. The Red Cross announced Tuesday morning it had scheduled a third training session for Thursday, however a little after 3:20 Tuesday afternoon, the Red Cross tweeted that training is also fully booked.

But workers say local volunteers are still needed.

“We are responding to disasters in the community every day, whether it’s a small house fire or a flood or tornado, so a lot of volunteers who deploy to these large disasters are also the ones who respond to disasters in Nashville every day,” said Sarah Basel, the communications director.

An additional 40 new volunteers from Middle Tennessee have signed up for training Wednesday morning.

To sign up to be a Red Cross volunteer, click here to visit their website.