Knoxville mom worries for son in Houston apartment submerged in water

Sheila Brown (Courtesy: WATE)

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – The death toll is expected to rise while thousands have evacuated from their homes after Hurricane Harvey raged through Texas. Houston is one of the hardest hit cities.

Some in East Tennessee continue to worry about loved ones living in the area. With more rain expected to come, it wasn’t making that worry go away.

“It never crossed my mind they would be in this kind of danger,” said Sheila Brown.

Sheila Brown (Courtesy: WATE)

Brown’s son is braving the wrath of Hurricane Harvey at his apartment. She said he lives on the second story of the complex, but 10 feet of water has submerged everything beneath him.

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“They were still there in their apartment waiting it out. They have two kayaks if they need them,” she said.

He stayed at his place last night and waited for rescue crews to get him. Her phone is constantly by her side as she impatiently waits to hear if he’s okay. She doesn’t get updates from him very frequently. Her son has been without power for hours.

“Not hopeless just helpless because I can’t do anything for them. I wish I could just go get them,” Brown said.

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She said watching the continuous news coverage plastered on her TV doesn’t make it easier.

“I’ve paced and paced and paced and listened and sometimes I just have to go outside,” she said.

Brown got an update on her son later in the afternoon. She said his area is under a mandatory evacuation. They’re being told they can not take their dog so she said they’re deciding to stay put.

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