Woman impacted by Harvey has East Tennessee ties

Courtney Cox (Courtesy: WATE)

HOUSTON, Texas (WATE) – An East Tennessee high school graduate was impacted by Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

Courtney Cox graduated from Karns High School in 2007. She now lives in the Houston area and has witnessed a lot firsthand.

“We had to move my husband’s car in our grass because our driveway is flooded,” said Cox.

Cox, her husband and three-year-old children live in Dayton, which is east of Houston.

“That’s my mailbox way out there. I’m five-foot-two and my mailbox is about to my shoulders, so all of it’s covered,” said Cox.

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Even though the area she lives got around two feet of rain over a couple of days, Cox and her family have been spared the worst of Harvey.

“We’re fine. We may just stay where we are at. I mean, we’re not worried that the water’s going to get in our house right now, so we’re good,” said Cox.

Some of the towns where their extended family lives are not so fortunate.

“They’re devastated. My sister used to go to Rockport all the time to go fishing. They’re flattened. I mean, you can’t even tell there was a town,” said Cox.

Cox says people in the Houston area are doing all they can to help each other. She gave a stranded neighbor a ride the day Harvey hit.

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