Lack of school crossing guard on a busy corridor infuriates Nashville parents

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Just two weeks into the school year and some parents are furious.

They’re mad there is not a crossing guard outside of their child’s school on a busy corridor in East Nashville.

“It shouldn’t take one of these kids to get hit or hurt out here for them to realize that this is a busy intersection,” said a parent of a high school student and East Nashville Magnet Middle Prep student.

Moreen Scruggs is just one parent who said there is something missing at the crosswalk outside of East Nashville Magnet High School.

“They need that little extra guidance, a crossing guard, to help them across,” she said.

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Scruggs said Gallatin Avenue in front of East Nashville Magnet is way too busy for people especially for students crossing on their own.

“The drivers, they are not paying attention. Some of them are whipping through this school zone,” explained Scruggs.

According to the Tennessee Department of Transportation, 21,945 drivers travelled along the corridor on average each day last year.

“This is dangerous for anybody, regardless if you are in high school or not, this is a dangerous intersection, Scruggs told News 2.

She said she is confused because there was a crossing guard there last year. Metro police say there are different circumstances now.

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According to police, crossing guards are provided at elementary and middle schools only, and the reason there is not one at East Nashville Magnet this year is because middle school students are not being bussed here by the school district anymore.

Scruggs said middle school students will ride the city bus to the high school and then cross the street to wait for their parents. An MTA spokesperson told News 2 that students ride the route from East Nashville Magnet Middle Prep to downtown via Gallatin Ave.

That is news to Metro police, who say they will look into that process now that News 2 brought it to their attention.

“Something has to change. I’m afraid for my kid, I’m afraid for all the kids,” said Scruggs.

A Metro Nashville Public Schools spokesperson said the district does not control or hire crossing guards for the county. According to Metro police, 94 schools are covered in 200 school zones during the school year.