6 Nashville police officers honored for professionalism in 100 Oaks shooting

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Six police officers in Nashville were honored by the American Police Hall of Fame and Museum for their courage in the 100 Oaks shooting that left a Robertson County injured.

It happened on June 28 at the Thompson Lane clinic at 100 Oaks, where inmate Rodney Cole was scheduled for a routine check-up for a medical condition. He allegedly asked to use the restroom and attacked the deputy who accompanied him.

Four officers from Berry Hill were the first to arrive—Lt. John Gleixner, Sgt. Tim Coleman, Cpl. Ronnie Hill, and Officer Larry Carter—and they were met by Metro-Nashville police officer Justin Pinkelton.

The officers were reportedly met by people fleeing the building, and without waiting for back-up, without regard for their own safety, they went inside and found injured Deputy Josh Wiley.

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He had been shot seven times, according to the American Police Hall of Fame, which is a fact not yet known to the public, and inmate Cole was already dead of 17 gunshot wounds.

Lt. Gleixner and Cpl. Hill reportedly began first aid immediately with Hill applying a tourniquet while Gleixner applied blood-clotting gauze.

Another Metro-Nashville police officer, Ron Black, then arrived at the scene and began helping to apply the gauze.

Sgt. Coleman and Officer Carter provided cover and protection until more officers came to secure the scene.

All of the men are now being honored by the American Police Hall of Fame and Museum for their professionalism in the life-threatening situation, saying their dedication to serve the public was evident.

Cpl. Hill and Lt. Gleixner were given the Silver Star for Bravery Award as well as the Life Saving Award.

Sgt. Coleman, Officer Pinkelton, and Officer Carter were all given the Silver Star Award, and Officer Black was given the Life Saving Award.

As for Deputy Wiley, he was released from the hospital and sent home to recover on July 19.