Pet of the Week for Aug. 21, 2017

Penelope and Lulu (Courtesy: Metro Animal Care and Control)

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Sam – 6 years old – Male

This pupper is a real cool guy.  He had a rough start to life, but in amazing dog form, he rarely thinks about those times, just how awesome it is to have all his shelter friends that have been taking such good care of him.  He is an active boy who absolutely adores outside time and has quickly learned that sitting for cookies is where it is at!

Lulu – 6 years old – Female

Zip zap zoom, it’s Lulu! This cute little pupper is 6 years old and has the skip of a Jack and the ears/face of a big Chi. If you are a fan of the smalls, then Lulu is your gal! She’s a tiny little dynamo that loves her peoples and her playtime.

Dameon – 1 year old – Male

Ready, Set, Fall in love.  Dameon is one cool pup with a love of all things playtime.  He is kennel trained, knows sit and down and is mastering the art of leash walking.

Chanel – 2 years old – Female

The purrfect companion, that’s Chanel! Chanel enjoys bird watching, playing “catch the mouse” with volunteers and of course she is always cool with some lap sitting.

Penelope – 1 year old – Female

Penelope doesn’t like to brag, but let’s be honest she is just beyond the cutest.  She loves scritches behind her ears and loves to chat with her fellow shelter residents about all the latest cat room gossips.