Wilson County Fair responds to allegation of animal abuse

Facebook: April Roehl

Lebanon, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Wilson County Fair is responding to a video that has gone viral of a camel that allegedly collapsed due to exhaustion and poor treatment at the fair Friday night.

April Roehl posted the video on Facebook, asking everyone to “share, share, share’ her video.”

She wrote that two girls on the camel when it collapsed.

“It was EXHAUSTED clearly from being in the heat and being ridden all day long. Instead of letting the thing rest, he was made to get back up, and the guys then told the girls to get back on him. They declined and got their money back,” Roehl also said.

More than 14,000 views later, the Wilson County Fair has responded on Facebook.

Fair officials said:

The camel attraction at the Wilson County Fair is an independent, licensed vendor. While we don’t feel the video being circulated tells the full story (the fair only had been open for a few hours for its first evening), we have decided to dismiss this vendor, and the camel will have the rest of the week off. The foundation and pride of the Wilson County Fair is built on loving and admiring animals and their wonderful abilities.