Lawyer: Another parent claims to have info on Brentwood Academy case

(Photo: WKRN)

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. (WKRN) – The attorney who filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Brentwood Academy said he’s heard from another parent who claims to have information about the alleged assaults.

News 2 spoke with Roland Mumford who represents a mother and her son, a former student, who claim the boy was subjected to sexual harassment and abuse at the hands of four boys two grades above him.

The lawsuit further claims the school and staff failed to properly report the alleged assaults.

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Mumford says they’ve now heard from another parent who claims to have information on the case.

“Today I received a phone call from another parent that put the school on notice in May of 2015 that they heard about the sexual assault on my client, and they had reported that their child had informed them that their child had witnessed inappropriate sexual contact in the sixth grade locker room, in the fall of 2013,” he explained to News 2.

He continued, “This school was already on notice about inappropriate activity, inappropriate contact in private areas, that occurred in the fall of 2013, and the school did not take measures to have proper supervision in the locker room, going back that far.”

Mumford also told News 2 he and his client are considering filing a lawsuit against the parents of the four boys they allege committed the assault.

“We are researching the viability for that cause of action. I have sent letters of representation and the notice of potential suit via email to the parents yesterday. Those letters were mailed out today,” he explained.

He continued, “If the parents of these four bullies were on actual notice that their children were assaulting, harassing, or sexually assaulting other students at the high school, and they failed to take affirmative action or the duty to stop the behavior, then they are liable under the law.”

We reached out to Brentwood Academy who sent the following statement:

As the Brentwood Police Department clearly stated yesterday, Brentwood Academy is not the subject of its investigation. We cannot comment on speculation or innuendo. Any student or faculty member who believes he or she has been the victim of misconduct is encouraged to report and discuss the alleged acts immediately and confidentially. When the school is notified of an allegation, it immediately investigates the claims. If the claims are accurate, disciplinary action is taken.

We also reached out to the Brentwood Police Department. Assistant Police Chief Thomas Walsh said, “I cannot confirm any reported incident at Brentwood Academy in 2013.”

News 2 also learned the Department of Children’s Services opened a new investigation in the case.