Wilson County Schools stands by decision to stay in school for eclipse

(Photo: WKRN)

WILSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – With less than a week until the epic eclipse, some school districts may still be trying to decide whether it’s better to close or stay open.

Wilson County has already decided to remain open, but some are questioning the decision.

At Tuesday night’s board meeting, member Wayne McNeese expressed teachers’ concerns for monitoring the children’s safety during the eclipse.

However, the school system is holding its ground.

“It’s been a subject of debate for months now, and it did come up again at last night’s board meeting. Essentially one board member had received calls from his constituents, and put it out there. We did not get a second. There was no vote,” said spokeswoman Jennifer Johnson.

“We’ve been planning on this since March. We bought $6,000 of eclipse glasses. We spent all summer long training sessions, teaching teachers, if you will, so that they can work with the students, educate the students on what they’re actually seeing,” she continued.

Johnson added, “And our main motivation for staying open was that out of the 18,000 students we have, about 15,000 of those who have parents who are going to go to work.”

McNeese told News 2 he can see both sides but said he would prefer to err on the side of safety for the children.

Parents also have the option to keep their children at home that day. It will be counted as an excused absence with a written note.

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