Pet of the Week for August 14, 2017

Melody and Angel (Courtesy: Metro Animal Care and Control)

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Chevy – 1 year old – Male

Get revved up for Chevy! This little ball of energy is a 1 year old pupper who absolutely loves to run and jump and play. He’s a great little guy who loves to earn his praise by mastering commands and doing what he’s told. His tongue flops out and is absolutely adorable, and he has a gentle mouth which is a plus for a pup who likes to play. He’s ready for the best friend who will help him run some of his energy out and he’s excited to learn as many commands as you can teach him! Most of all, he’s ready for you to come and love him and bring him to his new forever home.

Angel – 8 months old – Female

This little girl is truly an Angel (which not coincidentally is her name). Angel was originally a foster at MACC. She was hit by a car and brought to MACC with a fractured pelvis. Her awesome foster family helped us nurse her back to health. Now she’s wiggly, she’s cute, and she’s ready for her forever family! She’s a sweet little pupsicle baby who has an adorable face and precious little kissies. So now it’s time for you to be Angel’s angel… come adopt her and invite her into her new forever home.

Yaoo – 5 years old – Male

This. Doggie. We could tell you about how Yaoo (pronounced: Yow!) is a great boy. About how he’s full of life and energy. How he loves and to be loved (also kennel trained). And especially about how much he loves belly rubs… or we could just show you this amazing video of him and you can just see it for yourself.

Tipsy – 5 years old – Female

Say hello to the sweetest tripod feline of all time. Miss Tipsy loves cuddles, playtime and bird watching.

Melody – 5 years old – Female

Miss Melody raised her kittens in one of our awesome foster homes and now she is ready for her forever home. She is a great gal and loves to be silly and play.