Spring Hill man escapes deadly incident in Charlottesville riots

(Graphic: WKRN)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WKRN) – A Spring Hill man is thankful he is safe after dodging the deadly incident in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday.

Bradley Dick is working in Culpepper, Virginia, a town about an hour from the University of Virginia campus, and decided to drive to see the protest.

Dick told News 2 on Saturday that he did not go to the protest to take a side; instead he wanted to document the historic event.

He was broadcasting on Facebook Live when the car drove through the counter-protest, killing a 32 year old woman.

“What is going through my mind is a million ‘ifs,” said Dick. “If we would have gotten there 20 seconds earlier, if we didn’t stop to talk to whoever we stopped to talk to right before it happened, I could have been right in the path. Luckily, I’m safe.”

Dick said many people ran to help and others chased the driver. “People initially chased after the car, several people went to the police that were standing right there.”

Dick said he has not decided if he will make the trip back to Charlottesville on Sunday.

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