What kind of glasses do you need to view the eclipse safely?

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Excitement is building for the total solar eclipse that will be visible across parts of Middle Tennessee on Aug. 21.

During the brief moments when the moon completely blocks the Sun’s face and day will turn to night.

In order to view the eclipse safely there are some tips everyone should know. First, looking directly at the Sun without eye protection can cause serious eye damage, or even blindness.

Dr. Nathan Podoll with the Vanderbilt Eye Institute explained the danger posed by the Sun’s intense rays to News 2.

“It damages the retina, and that’s the part of the eye that’s responsible for taking in the light signal and transforming it into a signal that will be sent out to the brain that allows us to see. That light intensity, and the unfiltered and unprotected wavelengths of light, are damaging to the retina,” he explained.

Dr. Nathan Podoll (Photo: WKRN)

To view the eclipse safely, you should wear solar viewing glasses.

Dr. Podoll told News 2 what you should look for when buying eclipse glasses.

“There is an ISO standard that is regulated for viewing the sun. It’s ISO 12312-2 and you should see that printed on your glasses. They should have the ISO, also the CE stamp, and you’ll be looking for a reputable manufactures name and address printed on the lens and there are at least four such manufacturers that are listed on the NASA website that are viewed as being reputable that you can trust,” he explained.

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Telescopes, cameras and binoculars also need their own special solar filters.

(Photo: WKRN)

You should not use solar viewing glasses with any optical devices because the magnified sunlight will damage the glasses, and consequently your eyes.

Health officials also remind ordinary sunglasses, even two or three pairs together, won’t be safe for looking at the Sun during the eclipse.

“We want everyone to enjoy this event,” Dr. Podoll said. “It’s going to be quite spectacular, but we want you to do it safely and a big part of that is protecting your eyes.”

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