Titans Kevin Dodd ready for big return

Kevin Dodd (Courtesy: Daishawn Hayes)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – He was the Titans first pick of the second round a year ago, but with nagging injuries, only played in nine games recording just 5 tackles and a sack during his rookie season.

After undergoing a second foot surgery, linebacker Kevin Dodd thought his career was over, but since the start of training camp, he has not missed a single practice.

“It’s really been good for him,” Head Coach Mike Mularkey said. “It’s let him have some confidence that he let loose and has no restrictions. I don’t even bring it up with him anymore.”

Dodd added, “I’m a little rusty, but I’m getting to it, just grinding it out day by day. It’s ok today, and I’m going to make it to tomorrow and be better tomorrow, just try to push it a little bit at a time, you know just try to push it a little bit more each and every day.”

Dodd has not played in an NFL game since the Titans crushed the Packers on November 13, 2016, so now that he is ready to go, he hopes to make the most of an opportunity to get back on the field against the Jets.

“I’d love to have a lot of snaps Saturday night,” he said. “Just the fact that I haven’t been in it, extra snaps can help you. A lot of guys don’t want to play in the preseason, but me, I feel like I want to be out there cause this is my test, I’m going to put it to the test right here.”

The Titans face the New York Jets Saturday. News 2 will air the game beginning at 6:30 p.m.