Pet of the Week for August 7, 2017

Tipsy and Socks (Courtesy: Metro Animal Care and Control)

Looking for a new pet? Check out Nashville’s News 2’s “Pet of the Week” segment every Tuesday on Good Morning Nashville.

Socks–3 years old–Male

Check out this cute little boy named Socks! He’s a 3 year old pup who is a well-mannered people pleaser who likes to scoot around with his ‘all paw drive’ four legged running method! Socks is obviously very proud of his pretty white socks, he pulls the front ones up real high! He’s great on the leash. He’s the smart and silent type. And he’s ready to find his new forever home.

Dumplin–6 years old–Female

Meet your new best friend Dumplin! Dumplin is a pretty little six year old girl who is super excited to meet you. She loves to run and jump and play and doesn’t want to hear things like “senior starts at 6” or any other nonsense like that. She’s a lovable little friend who has plenty of kisses and hugs to give and she’s ready to find her forever home. Will it be yours?

Fiddler–3 years old–Male

Fiddler is an awesome doggie who is an extended stay resident here at MACC. That means he’s been waiting a while to meet his forever family. Fiddler is a cute little short stack who scoots around and smiles the whole way. He’s got good energy, and would be a good running or walking buddy. He did well in playgroup, which means he works well with other friends of similar size.  Fiddler has been waiting a while. Now he needs his hero to step up and give him the chance to prove to you how great he really is. So let’s do this Nashville. Fiddler is our man-crush, let’s all work together and find his forever family!

Tipsy–5 years old–Female

Meet Tipsy. Tipsy is the most amazing tri-pod you’ll ever meet! She doesn’t let that dampen her spirits though. She is more than willing to sit in your lap while you give her all the cuddles a princess like her deserves.

Beans–1 year old–Female

Beans is such a sweet little girl. All she wants is a lap to lay on and home to call her own. Come on down to MACC and make her yours today!