Megachurches join forces for back-to-school event in Nashville

(Photo: Stacey Nickens)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Two of Nashville’s largest megachurches held a big back-to-school event at Hadley Park on Saturday.

Mt. Zion Baptist Church and Brentwood Baptist Church joined forces to host the “We’re Better Together” outreach event that drew hundreds of families for free school supplies.

It was also a chance for families to make sure children are healthy at the start of the school year.

A medical and dental team provided dental checkups, immunizations, screenings for blood pressure, HIV testing and health education counseling

Organizers say part of their goal was to bring people together and bridge the cultural divide between different backgrounds and communities.

The pastors of Mt Zion and Brentwood Baptist are friends, who hope their partnership will be a model for faith-based groups committed to healing racial tensions across the country.

“We live in a special community where people have historically tended to build bridges rather than walls,” said Bishop Walker, who began serving Mt. Zion in 1992. “But Pastor Mike Glenn and I believe we still have many left to build – and we want to do our part.”