Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett announces candidacy for Congress


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett officially announced his candidacy for United States Congress Saturday at an event at the Vol Market on Western Avenue.

He will be going for the 2nd Congressional District seat. More than 100 supporters came to the announcement.

Burchett filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to run for Congress last week.

Among the documents are Burchett’s statement of candidacy to run for the U.S. Congress Second District as a Republican.

Congressman Jimmy Duncan announced earlier this week he would not run for reelection for that seat next year.

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The documents also include a statement of organization for fundraising purposes under the name “Burchett for Congress” with Roger Goins named as treasurer.

During his speech, the candidate listed off successes during his time as mayor. One of those was cutting the county’s debt by $50 million.

“I do like the fact that he is a careful spender of money,” said Penny Cole, a supporter.

Supporters like Cole approved of his job as mayor and his speech made them like the candidate even more.

A big portion of his speech focused on improving health care for veterans.

“i owe everything I have in my life but my salvation to the people that fought for our country,” said Burchett.

“It’s tough for those guys. They come back wounded. They come back mentally challenged,” said Dennis Dunn.

Dunn is a Vietnam veteran. He said Mayor Burchett shares his same values and will get things done in Congress.

“Republicans control it. We need to reach within the aisle. We have got to get something going in this country,” said Burchett.

He is also looking to minimize government involvement and fight for the poor and working class. Supporters said he will represent them well in Washington.

Mayor Burchett is not the only Republican in the race. State Representative Jimmy Matlock announced Thursday he is running for the position as well.