More Alabama sex offenders moving to Tennessee

GILES COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Three Alabama sex offenders moved Tennessee in the last three weeks, and a 4th is planning a move, according to the sheriff of Giles County.

Sheriff Kyle Helton says sex offenders move there specifically so they can live with their children. Under Tennessee state law, a sex offender can live with his biological children as long as he has not committed a crime against them.

In Alabama that is prohibited.

Helton believes Tennessee law is so weak it encourages sex offenders from other states to move here, and it’s time to change the law.

“Help us out. We want to be stricter than Alabama,” says Helton.

Giles County resident Christie Starchman calls the news upsetting.  “We need stronger laws to prevent them from crossing the line,” she said. “We don’t want them around our children.”

Representative Barry Doss serves Giles and Lawrence Counties. He promises to draft legislation that will make Tennessee sex offender laws at least as tough as Alabama laws.

“This is a very strange world we are living in, sometimes very cruel,” said Doss. “Tennesseans need to know if someone is living beside them who could potentially harm their children”

Doss plans to draft legislation this summer and hopes to get it passed early next year.

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