10 car burglaries reported in Bellevue over past 3 days

Photo: WKRN

BELLEVUE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Metro police are sending out a warning after several recent car burglaries in one part of town.

Authorities told News 2 since Sunday, criminals have broken into 10 cars in Bellevue and surrounding areas.

Out of those 10 break-ins, eight of the cars were unlocked.

Sgt. Steve Linn with the West Police Precinct offered some important suggestions.

“When you park your car, whether you are in town, traveling or anywhere in the community, take all valuables, hide them, or better yet, take them out of the vehicle, lock the doors and take the keys with you,” said Sgt. Linn.

It sounds simple, but police say too many people are not doing it.

Police showed News 2 a picture where the car owner left the keys on the wheel of their vehicle while they were at the park.

Police said since Sunday, four cars have been stolen and in two of those instances, the keys were left inside the vehicle.

Some people News 2 spoke with were shocked by the news.

“The fact that people think it’s safe to leave keys on their tires, or that they leave their cars unlocked surprises me,” said driver Rose Lundberg.

Resident Carl Sherman lives in the Sylvan Park area and told News 2 it’s a problem he is aware of.

“We have heard around the neighborhood that there have been a lot of car break-ins. We belong to a message board and it seems like there is a break-in every day or every other day or so,” said Sherman.

Police urge drivers to lock their car doors and don’t leave keys in the car.