Pet of the Week for July 17, 2017

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Rex–1 year old- Male

Let’s get rockin’ with Rex. Good ole Rexxy is a cute little 1 year old who is still learning about life and all the mysteries in front of him. He’s a happy little fella with a smile that will melt your heart. His cute little spots on his head and back make him a photogenic wonderdog who’s ready to brighten up all your posts on social (especially with that floppy tongue all out there!). Rex, and so many of his friends at MACC, are ready to find their forever homes.

Fitzgerald–5 years old–Male

Fitzgerald is a funny boy who likes to run around and play. He’s got his own little boot camp workout that he enjoys when he’s in the play yard. It’s a few laps, a couple ‘dead bugs’ and then an army crawl! He’s going to have strong core and a hot summer bod! Fitz is a sweet dog who is very friendly and likes kisses and hugs. He’s good on the leash, knows a couple basic commands. And he’s looking for a special someone to take care of him, in exchange, he’ll be your best frien…d for life! That’s a pretty good deal.

Smiley–8 years old–Male

This right here is a special, special little buddy. If you can’t guess why, then you’re not looking, his name is Smiley! You can see he has a little sag on his left bottom lip but thats no big deal, he doesn’t know or care and it certainly doesn’t keep him from having fun! Honestly, when he’s smiling (which is his default position) you don’t even notice it. If you love the idea of having a life companion to take pictures of and post on your FB or Insta, Smiley is your boy. Move over pugs and chi-chis in people clothes. Smiley is the next social media sensation, we can feel it! Not only is his smile addictive, he’s a great little buddy. He’s eager to please. Pretty good on a leash. And of course built like a little tank engine. Smiley is ready to put a permanent smile on your face. Come rescue this little boy today!

Lilly–10 years old– Female

This right here sweet senior cat named Lilly. She’s a love bug who likes neck scritches, and long head-to-tail pets, and burying her little face in your arm while getting some well-deserved lap time. Lilly’s front paws are declawed, and while we don’t recommend the practice, we know some people are looking for a declawed cat. Either way, Lilly is an awesome cat and is waiting to meet her new forever family.

Berry– 3 years old–Female

Let’s talk about one of our great extended stay residents… say helloooo to Berry! For people who love cats, it’s often their quirky individual personalities that make them appealing. Berry has a pretty purr. She has a mysterious stare that is either locked on you, or looking straight through you! She likes neck scratches, she likes to perch high up on steps/furniture. And she has no chill for feathers that poke her on the nose!