Residents want something done about reckless motorcycle drivers

(Courtesy: Adrienne)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – After a group of motorcyclists were caught on camera reaching high speeds and taking over the Interstate 65, some people want something done about the reckless driving.

“This has been going on nonstop day and night,” said Adrienne, who captured the footage, told News 2.

She says you can hear the engines roar from afar.

“Even from your house, inside your home you can hear these motorcycles racing down the road all hours of the night,” she explained.

Adrienne recently captured video of about a dozen riders on I-65 North, just before the Briley Parkway exit.

“Racing up, all on crotch rockets, all across all lanes of traffic, weaving in and out of cars, high rates of speed, coming up on cars when they are least expecting it, and then racing each other in the fast lane, doing probably upwards of 100 miles per hour,” she explained.

Adrienne (Photo: WKRN)

Adrienne says she experienced a similar situation again this week during rush hour.

“I had two in front of me that were just cruising for a minute, and then they start revving up and then they pop a wheelie right in front of my car,” she told News 2.

Adrienne says not only are they putting themselves in danger, they are also endangering other drivers.

“This is just a death wish in what they are doing and they are putting other people at risk with their game. This is a safety concern for other drivers. If they are to wreck around us we have to react and the cars around us have to react and then they are putting their lives as well as other lives at risk by doing this.”

She and several other residents wants something done.

“The residents are wondering how they are getting away with this. Obviously cops have to be seeing this and rather they are not doing anything because of the risk it could pose by chasing them down, there are cameras, there are other ways to set up traps ways to see this and what’s going on.”

She add that it’s not just on the interstates, but that they are also racing down neighborhoods putting children and pets in danger as well.

News 2 reached out to Metro police for a response, who directed us to the Tennessee Highway Patrol. They responded saying they simply encourage anyone who witnesses unsafe driving to call them, with as much information they can provide.

There are a number of motorcycle rider education programs offered through the state. Read more at