Hottest weather of 2017 for Middle Tennessee

Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – This week is shaping up to become the hottest of the year. When you put it all into prospective, that it not saying much as the hottest temperature so far in Nashville sits at 94 degrees from June 14. Stormy weather for the most part kept temperatures down, but now the sun will be out in full force.

Putting all of the 90 degree days (or hotter) together, there have only been 16 such days for the year so far.

We are no where close to the amount of 90 degrees last year, and well off the pace for the record back in 1954. Nonetheless, we will add several more hot days this week. You know the drill, hydration, stay cool, and apply plenty of sunscreen.

The current weather pattern features a jet stream well to the north, there all of the rain will be. Here in Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky, a dome of high pressure will meander around creating baking heat.

While we may tie the hottest day of the year today, there is a better chance to best that number Tuesday.

Eventually the humidity will climb back as well as rain chances the rest of the week. Hit the pool and enjoy summer for all of it’s glory.

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