Married Hickman County couple shows gratitude for surviving horrific wreck

(Courtesy; Jessica Gunn)

HICKMAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Hickman County couple counts their stars, saved by total strangers after a horrific wreck along Highway 46.

From using personal belts to stop blood loss to helping calm a wife trapped in the passenger seat, the Gunns simply want to say thank you to all who responded.

Nathan and Jessica are middle school sweethearts, married now for nearly six years after an online reunion.

“We’ve always clicked pretty well,” said Nathan. “We were in the same homeroom together. In 2007, we reconnected on Myspace.”

Thursday evening, though, the couple was at Vanderbilt Medical Center, after coming face to face with a Dodge Ram truck.

“Unfortunately, I remember everything,” said Nathan. “I kind of wish I had blacked out.”

It happened along Highway 46 in Hickman County, near the Dickson County line.

(Courtesy: Jessica Gunn)

Officials with THP say the truck veered into oncoming traffic, smashing into the Gunn’s Nissan.

Nathan would stumble out of the car, battered and broken all along his right side.

His wife, though, was still trapped inside.

“It was a terrifying experience,” said Jessica. “I never want to be trapped in another vehicle again.”

“I mean this may be cliche but, being the male in the relationship I kind of felt like it was my duty to make sure she was alright,” added Nathan. “So when I wasn’t able to do that, it was terrifying.”

Luckily though, the Gunns were far from alone, after a dozen or so passersby jumped into action.

“Three people that came up to my side that was trying to wrap my hand up,” said Jessica.

“I had different strangers pulling belts off, putting tourniquets on my arm with their own belts, people taking their shirt off and wrapping our wounds,” said Nathan. “I don’t know what I would’ve done if I lost my wife. To be honest, I wasn’t ready to go myself, so thank everyone so much.”

Jessica continues recovering from severe bruising, cuts, and scrapes along her right arm, as well as bruising from her seat belt.

Nathan suffered several broken ribs, a fractured sternum, broken hand, broken bone in his right leg, as well as a dislocated right leg at his pelvis.

The driver of the truck has been cited for crossing the center line. Alcohol and drugs are not believed to be factors.