Police offer tips to stay safe during Nashville’s ‘Let Freedom Sing’ event

4th of July, Fourth of July
(Courtesy: VisitMusicCity.com)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The holiday weekend is here. The big “Let Freedom Sing” event in downtown Nashville is this Tuesday.

Police want everyone to be safe, so we asked what you need to know if you plan on heading to Lower Broad.

The big tip is if you see something, say something. There will be hundreds of officers downtown, as well as other security personnel who can get in touch with police.

Park Smart, and don’t leave your belongings in plain sight. Put them in your trunk or a locked glove box.

Don’t stop or pull over on the side of the road or interstate to watch the fireworks.

And when it comes to recent attacks in other parts of the country at big events, News 2 wanted to ask how police handle that aspect of security.

“It doesn’t matter if we have 20,000 people or 400,000 people come down, the only thing that’s going to change for us is not what we do, or how we do it, but the number of personnel it make take to do what we do,” said Captain David Corman.

“We don’t take the security measures lightly here. We see what’s going on across the country here, and overseas, and it is a game of chess to make sure everyone is having a good day and everyone is safe,” he continued.

News 2 will be televising the show beginning at 9 p.m. Tuesday, July 4.