Largest indoor fireworks display in Tennessee held in church

(Photo: WKRN)

MADISON, Tenn (WKRN) – Cleanup is underway at Cornerstone Church in the Nashville suburb after a celebration Friday night.

There are ashes left behind from the largest indoor fireworks display in the state of Tennessee.

This tradition started 15 years ago after a fireworks display with the church was rained out.

Church leaders wondered how the fireworks display could never be canceled again.

The new show was born.

In 2017, they came in on a mission. One of Cornerstone’s pastors placed a challenge for more impact. The ‘boom’ was surely delivered.

Thankfully, another year has gone by without incident courtesy of specialized pyrotechnics.

“There are limitations there’s a special kind of Pyro that dissipates before it hits the ground,” said Galen Davis, pastor of Cornerstone Church. “The Fire Marshal requires us to be so many feet away from it. It’s a very controlled, very methodical process. We’ve never had, in 15 years, an incident. We’ve never had anything burn. We’ve never had anyone injured.”

More fireworks hang in the rafters awaiting the church’s two remaining shows during Saturday and Sunday.