7 teenagers arrested in Hendersonville carjackings, crime spree

Hendersonville Police Generic
(Photo: WKRN)

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn (WKRN) – Hendersonville Police have arrested seven teenagers for two carjackings and more than 30 car burglaries. They held a rare Friday night news conference to share details of the investigation.

For three weeks, detectives from across Middle Tennessee have been working together on the case. They traveled as far as Florida to catch one of the suspects.

“These persons that we’re dealing with have a reckless disregard and disrespect for others in our community,” said Lt. Scott Ryan of the Hendersonville Police Department. “We’re not going to stand for that. We’re going to dump our resources into it and make it stop.”

The latest arrests came Friday afternoon. Two teens were captured in Nashville, ages 14 and 16, for a carjacking on June 6.  A woman was held at gunpoint while three suspects stole her car and belongings.

Another carjacking happened June 7.  A man was coming home from work when four teenagers jumped him, held him at gunpoint, kicked him and stole his car.  Police say the group had just dumped another stolen car from a different area.

Because of their ages, names are not being released. The investigation is ongoing.

Police Chief Mickey Miller sent this warning: “We are not going to quit. We will not get off your trail. We will go after you with everything we’ve got if you come here and commit these crimes.”

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