Car thefts rising across all of Metro police’s precincts

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Car thefts are up in Nashville this year. In fact, there has been an 87 percent jump year-to-date.

By June 17 of 2016 there were 672 cars stolen so far for the year. In that same time period in 2017, there have been 1,259.

The numbers are rising across all of Metro police’s eight precincts and it is not immediately clear why.

The department puts out weekly press releases analyzing stolen car data.

More often than not, the department says most cars were stolen because the keys were made readily available to thieves. This could mean the keys were left in an unlocked car or that the keys were left in the ignition, the car still running.

Both the Madison Precinct and the Hermitage Precinct have seen the highest percent increases in stolen cars, year-to-date.

The Madison Precinct has seen a 168 percent increase in stolen cars and Hermitage Precinct has seen a 128 percent increase this year.

So far, the most cars have been stolen in the South Precinct. Year-to-date, 285 cars have been stolen, up from 159 this time last year.

In order to protect yourself from these crimes, Metro police reminds citizens to lock their cars and take their keys with them.