New Tennessee Whiskey Trail already profitable

(Courtesy: Tennessee Whiskey Trail)

LASCASSAS, Tenn. (WKRN) – Watch out Kentucky Bourbon Trail, there’s a new trek through the south. The Tennessee Whiskey Trail is less than a week old, and already proving profitable for state distilleries, both old and new.

Just northeast of Mufreesboro on Thursday, a family from Wisconsin got their taste of Tennessee.

Nestled in Lascassas, the Jug Creek Distillery is one of 29 stops along the Tennessee Whiskey Trail, announced by the Tennessee Distillers Guild this week.

“We’ve seen traffic from the whiskey trail already, and this is the first week, so it’s a huge thing,” noted owner Heath Frazier.

Heath opened up shop back in January, watching his business grow from a trickle, to a steady stream.

“I was in healthcare for 20 years,” he explained. “I wanted more time with my family, so I decided, ‘Let’s jump off the cliff,’ and said, ‘Let’s do it’.”

The trail truly spans all of Tennessee.

From Memphis to Knoxville, and everywhere in between, renowned names as Jack Daniels, to the new Jug Creek adorn the trial.

The trail could provide a boom to the state’s eighth largest export, as well as a boost in tourism.

“It gives people this ability to take an adventure,” said Frazier. “See all these other places that, maybe, they didn’t know exist.”

Passports to the trail can be found at participating distilleries, or by using their website.