Lawyer talks defense strategy of Brandon Banks in Vanderbilt rape trial

Courtesy: Metro-Nashville Police Department

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Nearly four years after the rape of an unconscious woman in a Vanderbilt dorm room, Brandon Banks will face a jury.

Worrick Robinson represented Cory Batey in the Vanderbilt rape trial. He said it will be interesting to watch the defense strategy in this trial as it has been unsuccessfully tried three times, including a mistrial.

“It’s going to be, I think, the same trial,” said Robinson. “The state has tried this case three times. They’re excellent lawyers. They are going to put on the same case. Why? Because they can, and it’s worked three times.”

Banks is the third football player to stand trial for the rape. It was photographed and videotaped.

“The video and the pictures are going to run this case like they have the last three times,” said Robinson. “Taking audio, pictures, video of an event suggests you like what you are seeing and you want to share it.”

While Cory Batey and Brandon Vanderburg sit behind bars found guilty in the case, Robinson believes the defense is hoping the jury will sympathize with Banks’ situation.

“I think they will try to highlight that Mr. Banks didn’t know Mr. Vandenburg at all, didn’t know what he was capable of getting involved with,” said Robinson. “I think they will try to highlight that Mr. Banks has had a good track record, hasn’t had any issues, found himself in a situation he didn’t know how to stop, and didn’t know how to walk away from.”

In regards to the State of Tennessee, Robinson said, “All the state has to prove is, like they did in Mr. Vandenberg’s case, he’s criminally responsible for the actions of the others and that’s the danger for Mr. Banks here.”

Banks faces five counts of aggravated rape and two counts of aggravated sexual battery. If convicted of a single aggravated rape count, Banks faces a minimum of 15 years in prison according to Tennessee Law.

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