Hendersonville police chief cracks down on violent crime

hendersonville police department
(Photo: WKRN)

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – From car jackings to gun stores being robbed, Hendersonville police have had their hands full with crime for the last few weeks.

Saturday morning, however, they announced that four suspects they have been looking for are now behind bars. All four of them are teens and have gang ties.

“These groups of individuals we are seeing do this today are extremely violent and dangerous,” said Hendersonville Police Chief, Mickey Miller. “We will not tolerate violent crime in Hendersonville.”

Deion Boyd, 18, Traivon Bohannon, 18, and two younger teenagers, 16 and 17, are all connected in a gun store break-in at the store, Guns and Leather. After fleeing the scene, they allegedly carjacked a man coming home from work.

Chief Miller said, “I think if he would have resisted, they probably would have killed him.”

One gun was recovered, but there are other cases being worked in connection with these suspects that have yet to be found.

Chief Miller also said, “They are moving cars. They are moving guns. They are selling some. They are using some, and we hope we can get these off the street.”

The aforementioned four individuals are off the street. Chief Miller said with these younger criminals, there is a common theme; they don’t care about the consequences. In fact, the 16-year-old celebrated being arrested.

“One of the things he did,” stated Chief Miller, “was brag that this was his 101st arrest we were able to verify 97.”

While these four individuals await trial, Hendersonville police said their job isn’t done – especially when it comes to teens and guns.

“This isn’t the only group of guys doing this kind of thing,” said Chief Miller. “Anytime you put guns in the hands of dangerous criminals, regardless of their age, I think the younger they are, the more reckless they are.”

Chief Miller’s enduring message when it comes to these type of individuals: You better think twice.

“We are going to take them down,” said Chief Miller.

All four individuals have been charged with one count of aggravated robbery and two counts of theft over $1,000. Hendersonville police said they are facing more charges and some of them could be tried as adults.