Davis Nolan’s Fishing Funtacular: Bass fishing on Kentucky Lake

(Photo; WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Davis Nolan took to the waters of Kentucky Lake to fish for bass with the father of News 2’s social media marketer, Hunter Patterson.

In the News 2 newsroom, we’ve known for years how great a fisherman Perch Patterson is, so he and Davis set off in search of bass.

Though the first thing Davis wanted to know is how he got the name Perch.

“Well, I went to school at Hurricane Mills out at Loretta Lynn’s. They had a country school out there. There’s a big ol’ boy out there, country boy and I had freckles and red hair, just stood out. He said, you look like a sun perch!  He started calling me ‘Sun Perch’ and it went from there to ‘Perch,’ and that’s all anybody has ever known me as,” said Patterson.

Appropriately, Patterson caught the first bass of the day.

Then, News 2 First Alert Unit photographer Jerry Barlar caught the longest fish, a gar.

But then luck came Davis’ way and with Patterson’s help, he reeled in the biggest catch of the day!

Davis said he never would have though it was a bass from the way it was pulling but sure enough, it was.

A 7-pound beauty thanks to a man they call Perch.

If there’s one thing Davis knows for sure, all great catches are thanks to the man who put you in the spot and gave you the bait.