Woman recovers after being attacked by ex-husband in Hickman County

(Courtesy: Hickman County Sheriff's Office)

CENTERVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Hickman County woman is recovering at a Nashville hospital after authorities say her ex-husband attacked her with a hatchet on Tuesday night.

Sources confirm that William Taylor Jr. was assaulting his ex-wife, Tonya, when a neighbor went to the home with a gun and opened fire.

Kay Campbell lives across the street. She was at home with her two small great-grandchildren when she heard the commotion and the gun shots.

“I heard a little bit of screaming and could hear the commotion in the house, and then I heard the gunfire.”

According to investigators, 42-year old Taylor entered the home armed with a hatchet around 7:30 p.m.

(Courtesy: iReport2)

Neighbors realized something was wrong, went to the house and saw the attack.  One of the neighbors opened fire.

Sources say Taylor was hit twice. He crashed through the bathroom window, and crawled into the backyard where he died.

Kay Campbell says she was scared, but believes the actions of her neighbors saved Tonya Taylor’s life.

News 2 has learned this is not the first time Taylor is accused of attacking his wife, and there are new questions about why authorities were unable to stop the attack on Tuesday.

Photo: WKRN

In February of this year, Taylor was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, aggravated rape and aggravated kidnapping.  Earlier this month he posted a $200,000 bond to get out of jail.

Multiple sources confirm he was ordered to wear a GPS ankle bracelet as a condition of his release.

Neighbors question how a man wearing a tracking device could attack the very person he was ordered to stay away from  – without authorities being notified.

Kay Campbell says, “The woman is lucky. The woman is really lucky”

Sources told News 2 an investigation is now underway to find out why there was no immediate notification to police from Taylor’s ankle bracelet tracking device

The company that monitors the GPS tracker has not commented so far.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is working the case. The district attorney will decide if any charges will be filed.