Cute Alert: Baby walrus and mom greet the world

(Courtesy: SeaWorld via WFLA))

ORLANDO, Fla. (WFLA) — SeaWorld Orlando welcomed a whiskered walrus baby just in time for summer.

Kaboodle, who is 14, gave birth to her first calf just after midnight on June 3.

SeaWorld Orlando said she and her baby immediately began to bond and the pair remains close at all times, even snuggling with each other as they sleep.

Kaboodle’s calf is the first baby walrus born at SeaWorld Orlando.

Walruses are not yet listed as a threatened species, but they have experienced habitat challenges from warming temperatures and a thinning ice pack.

Walrus populations have stabilized since the 19th-century when commercial hunting was outlawed

Calves are born with robust whiskers which help them detect shellfish. Both males and females have large tusks that are used for defense, cutting through ice and getting out of the water.