Stanley Cup Final counterfeit ticket arrests on the rise

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – With just one home game to go, and hundreds of tickets being exchanged downtown, fake ticket arrests are on the rise.

One suspect was allegedly caught in the act on cell phone video, as customers covered their tracks, should the transaction go awry.

It was May 22nd, hours before the puck was to drop in Game 6 of the NHL Western Conference Final.

Jason Jones and his mother were in the market for Preds tickets.

“My mother wanted to surprise me, early Father’s Day birthday gift,” explained Jones. “Found someone that was selling them for a pretty good price.”

They were seeking two tickets which were priced at $400 total.

Too good to be true Jason thought, so he carried his cell phone with the camera at the ready.

“I had a hunch from the very beginning. Just to be safe, [thought] why don’t I record this?” said Jones. “Everything we questioned, he had an answer for.”

Caught up in the moment, just hours before game time, the purchase was made.

(Photo: WKRN)

Jason and a friend were soon denied though at the gate.

“When they scanned our tickets, they came back as invalid,” said Jones. “It’s like your heart drops.”

The seller was long gone though, till earlier this week, when news of an arrest by Metro Police reached Jason.

According to police records, Michael Martins was stopped by authorities while in possession of nine counterfeit tickets.

Police would arrest Martins and Christopher Cross for their part in the alleged scheme. Police also believe John Conner was involved in their ticket selling operation. He was arrested days before.

These were just three of the five counterfeit ticket arrests made during the NHL Stanley Cup Final.

Kenny Redding and Torriane Davenport were arrested on Monday. Police say the two were involved in another scheme.

Ahead of Game 6, Jason said to go with your gut, and don’t let a wave of Preds fever sweep you up in a scam.

“Kind of amazing sometimes how cruel people can be,” said Jones. “Kind of a little slap in the face with reality.”

Jason said others have reached out to him, believing they too fell victim to Martins.

Anyone with similar stories is urged to contact Metro Police.

Follow this link, for more tips while buying playoff tickets.