5 new hotels coming to Goodlettsville as high rates push people to suburbs

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GOODLETTSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The first weekend of June is always a big one for Middle Tennessee, but this year it’s shaping up to be epic.

CMA Fest, Bonnaroo, and the Stanley Cup Final are all happening at once. So if you plan on visiting, you are probably going to dish out a lot of cash to stay.

The high hotel rates are forcing people to look outside of the city limits, which is creating more of a demand for the suburbs to supply hotel rooms.

The phrase “It is good in Goodlettsville” has never been more true, especially in the hospitality industry.

“The city needs it right now. It could not have come at a better time,” said Goodlettsville native Kim Sutton. “It has grown to absolutely the end of every county line.”

At first, Sutton had her concerns with the hotel boom.

“I thought there was no way in this world that we would be able to occupy that many hotel rooms,” she said.

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Now, she knows it will be great for her home

Once the construction is done and the dust has settled, Goodlettsville will have not just one, or two, or even three, or four… but five new hotels along the Conference Drive corridor.

This time next year, people will be able to avoid paying $400 to $500 to stay in Nashville.

“The price point of those are about 50 percent of what the downtown district is,” said Goodlettsville City Manager Tim Ellis.

Ellisa says right now hotels in Goodlettsville along Interstate 65 stay booked for most of the year.

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“The occupancy rate in Goodlettsville is averaging just about 75 percent or more year round,” he added.

Every time someone chooses to stay there, the city cashes in on it.

“We have three percent hotel, motel occupancy tax. Plus on top of that, we receive one and eighth percent sales tax,” explained Ellis.

The advantages come in more ways than one.

“They are going to spend money to shop here, eat here and play here,” said Ellis.

While the city works on their plans to handle the extra visitors, business owners like Sutton will welcome anyone who wants to stop in Goodlettsville.

“It is going to be a great income resource for the city and we need it,” she said.