Family says police’s version of Antioch domestic incident isn’t all true

Photo: WKRN

ANTIOCH, Tenn. (WKRN) – Loved ones of Michel Guirguis, the Antioch man accused of holding his family against their will during a domestic violence incident, said they feel not all of the testimony by two police officers who fired their guns is true.

Jospheen Guirguis doesn’t speak English, but allowed her 10-year-old and 15-year-old daughters to talk to News 2 about their concerns.

Friday in court, the wife shook her head no several times as two police officers testified about what happened the day of the shooting.

She disagreed with some of the things they said and is having a hard time processing what police said took place.

“She’s still not doing a whole lot better,” her daughter Mariam Kalds said.

After the preliminary hearing for her husband was over, the wife wanted News 2 to know she wasn’t struggling with him as revealed in court.

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Ten-year-old Martena Guirguis said she was next to them in the Antioch townhome.

Michel Guirguis (Photo: WKRN)

“My dad was just leaving and the police say they were struggling, which was not right,” she said.

The family said they saw their father fire his gun at least once.

“I heard once, but police said more. I heard one shot at first, but I don’t know if that was my dad or the police,” Martena Guirguis explained.

Ofc. Daniel Garrett testified in court he heard a female scream.

Martena Guirguis said it wasn’t because of her dad.

“I called for help because we were in pain because the police shot us,” Martena Guirguis said.

“It’s terrifying for anyone,” Kalds said. “Anyone in the middle of bullets is not going to be ok and not scream if that’s what happened.”

A second officer, David Moser, testified he saw Guirguis pointing the gun at his wife from a back glass patio door.

The daughters said after her mom was shot she was in the kitchen and that would have been hard to see.

Photo: WKRN

“A second thing that can’t possibly be true, is when he said he saw my mom and she was on the ground in the kitchen, if he was at the back door, and there’s a counter and he can’t see my mom if she’s on the ground,” Kalds said.

Metro-Nashville Police Department spokesman Don Aaron told News 2 by phone, “Our officers took the oath to testify Friday to what they saw, perceived and the department has no reason to doubt that. Guirguis fired multiple times inside and the evidence shows that.”

Aaron never said there was a struggle in the department’s original news release.

“She was on her knees at one time,” Aaron said. “Multiple officers saw him with a gun through the door.”

The investigation continues and a shooting review board will look at the case.

The three officers have returned to midnight shift at South Precinct.

Just hours after incident FBI interpreter recorded mom at hospital, according to Aaron.