Young men seek barbecue dad for Father’s Day weekend

(Courtesy: Ben Sutherland/Flickr Commons CC BY 2.0)

SPOKANE, WA (AP) — A group of men in their 20s in Washington state has posted a Craigslist ad seeking a generic dad to grill burgers and hotdogs for a gathering set for the Saturday of Father’s Day weekend in mid-June.

Qualifications include a minimum of 18 years of experience as a dad and 10 years of grilling experience. The successful dad must bring his own grill, but burgers and hotdogs will be provided.

Dane Anderson tells KHQ-TV that the young men in Spokane don’t live with their fathers and, the ad says, none are prepared to fill the role of barbecue dad.

“We’re just looking for a dad to come and crack a cold one with the boys,” he told the station.

Additional requirements include talking about dad things like lawnmowers, building your own deck and musician Jimmy Buffet. Payment is food and beer. Dads get bonus points if they are named Bill, Randy, or Dave.

Anderson says several potential barbecue dads have responded.