Wife testifies in court after violent Antioch domestic situation

Michel Guirguis (Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The wife of a man accused in a violent domestic situation in Antioch and the two officers who opened fire as he allegedly held his family at gunpoint spoke for the first time in court Friday.

However, the stories of the wife and first officer on the scene seem to contradict each other.

It was quite an emotional day in court as the woman broke down crying before the hearing even started. Her husband, the suspect, also wiped away tears as well as their two daughters.

Courtesy: Metro Nashville Police Department

Jospheen Guirguis couldn’t bear to look her husband, Michel Guirguis, in the face, so she testified, through an interpreter, from the prosecution table, recalling what happened that day.

She said she remembers her husband shooting once outside, pointing the gun toward the ground, and then an officer firing back.

“Lots of bullets, sounds. It was like I was in a war,” Jospheen Guirguis told the court.

Her version of what happened is slightly different than the responding officers’. She said at no point did her husband point the gun at her intentionally.

“When the shooting was everywhere, he just pointed it towards me,” the wife said through the interpreter.

“Did it look like he was deliberately aiming his gun at you,” asked defense attorney Will Allensworth.

“No, it might have pointed it towards me so the police could stop what they were doing,” she replied. “If he wanted to kill me or hurt me, he could have done that. He had the opportunity to do that.”

Photo: WKRN

The responding officer, Daniel Garrett, testified he saw Guirguis through the door struggling with his wife and jabbing something in her face.

“They’re still inside the resident, so he pushes her sort of out of my field of vision, deeper into the foyer, steps out, raises the weapon, and points it at me,” Officer Garrett said.

“At that time, when he steps out, raises the weapon and points it at me, at that time, when he started to step out, I brought my weapon on target, and I’m unsure who fired first, but at that point shots were fired between me and Mr. Guirguis,” the officer continued.

Field Training Officer David Moser went around the back of the townhome and says he saw the suspect pointing a gun at his wife. Seconds later, he opened fire.

“At this point, I was in fear of Mrs. Guirguis life as I was afraid he was about to shoot her, at which point I opened fire on the defendant,” Moser testified.

Photo: WKRN

The wife said she asked her daughter to call the police to protect them. Instead, they were hurt. She and one of her daughters were hit at least once by bullets police later said they believe came from officers.

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Jospheen Guirguis is wondering if it had anything to do with her Arabic heritage.

“There was like shooting everywhere, and of course we are talking Arabic, and they think Arabics are terrorists,” she said. “But if we are terrorists, we could have stayed in our own country and ask for our rights, but we came here to live a better life and in safety.”

Three days ago, Jospheen Guirguis had a hearing on the temporary Order of Protection against her husband, but it was revealed in court that she decided against seeking a permanent restraining order.

The wife said her husband is sick and wasn’t on his medication the day of the incident when he got upset that one of his daughters wanted to go to church and he said she couldn’t.

Davidson County Circuit Court Judge Allegra Walker found enough probable cause and bound the case against Michel Guirguis over to a Grand Jury, which will decided whether to indict him on all the charges or not.